2017 Road Projects

Following careful review of the current township road conditions and the 10 year road maintenance plan, the Texas Township Road Committee and the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County prepared a list of 2017 Road Projects, which were approved by the Township Board last November.
In an effort to ensure that the tax dollars committed to road projects are used efficiently, the Road Committee and Township Board placed a greater emphasis on road maintenance in 2017. Instead of high-cost Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) projects, the township is pursuing Crack Fill projects, which will prevent further damage to the roads until Chip Seal/Fog Seal can be applied. The Chip Seal/Fog Seal process uses a smaller aggregate, which will result in an HMA-like road for a fraction of the price. The township completed a test Chip Seal/Fog Seal project on Swallow Ave in 2016 and experienced very positive results. Please see below for a list of the projects taking place in 2017.

About the Township Crack Fill $108,023
Mystic Trail Chip Seal/Fog Seal $125,269
Finnagen (Q to PQ) HMA $88,327
Texas Heights (off of 8th Street) HMA $204,275

Total Anticipated Cost of 2017 Road Projects: $628,347

2017 Texas Township Road Surface Summary