2018 Road Projects Approved

On November 13th, the Township Board approved the following road projects to be completed in 2018. These road projects came at the recommendation of the Road Committee, who is assisted by the Kalamazoo County Road Commission in evaluating the condition of Texas Township and determining which roads are in highest demand for repair or annual maintenance to extend the longevity.

2018 Approved Road Projects: 

Preventative Maintenance

  • Percheron Street: Q Avenue to Belgian Avenue, Belgian Avenue: 344′ west of Percheron Street to 95′ west of Clydesdale Avenue (Applegate Farms)
  • Glade Trail: Windsong Way to 8th Street, Windsong Way: Gladeview Drive to Glade Trail, Gladeview Drive: Windsong Way to Hobblebush Lane, Hobblebush Lane: Gladeview Drive to Lakeridge Place, Lakeridge Place: 1,015′ south of Glade Trail to Glade Trail
  • Pine Island North: 1000’ west of Finnagen Street to Finnagen Street, Pine Island South: 970’ west of Finnagen Street to Finnagen Street (Pine Island Lake)
  • Rolling Pines Court: 10th Street east to 1,230′ east of 10th Street
  • Windscape Drive: Plum Hollow Circle to Bay Ridge Road, Bay Ridge Road: 590’ south of Windscape Drive to Texas Drive, Plum Hollow Circle: 375’ south of Windscape Drive to Windscape Drive, Bentley Drive: 615’ south of Windscape Drive to Texas Drive, Quail Hollow Circle: 290’ west of Bay Ridge Road to Bay Ridge Road, Arbor Pointe Circle: Bay Ridge Road to 220′ east of Bay Ridge Road (Bay Ridge No. 2)
  • Crestway Drive: 5th Street to Fieldwood Point, Fieldwood Point: 230′ south of Crestway Drive to Crestway Drive, Fieldwood Circle: Crestway Drive to 230′ north of Crestway Drive (Timber Highlands)
  • Glenwynd Drive: 6th Street to O Avenue
  • Autumn Glen Street: Shane Street to N Avenue, Autumn Court: Autumn Glen Street to 235’ East of Maple Hollow Avenue, Oakwood Avenue: Shane Street to Autumn Glen Street, Timberview Avenue: Shane Street to Autumn Glen Street, Maple Hollow Avenue – 211‘ South of Autumn Court to Autumn Court, Shane Street- Autumn Glen Street to N Avenue (Autumn Woods)
  • RS Avenue: 2nd Street to 6th Street


  • Pennycress Lane: P Avenue to 1st Street, Chicory Trail: Pennycress Lane to 1st Street (Mattawan Heights)
  • Atwater Court:Texas Drive To 750′ North of Texas Drive
  • Saddle Club Drive: Stoney Brook Road To Dunwoody Court, Dunwoody Court: 542′ south of saddle club drive To Saddle Club Drive Stoney Brook Road: Braeburn court To Farmington Avenue Breaburn Court: 298′ east of Stoney Brook Road To Stoney Brook Road Vista Ridge Court: 383′ west of Stoney Brook Road To Stoney Brook Road Bramblewood Drive: 780′ south of Stoney Brook Road To Stoney Brook Road Cobblewood Drive: 1201′ south of Stoney Brook Road To Stoney Brook Road Brandy Chase: Bramblewood Drive To Cobblewood Drive Thrasher Court: 227′ east of Thrasher Lane To Thrasher Lane
    Thrasher Lane:
    Foxcroft Drive To Stoneybrook Road (Rudgate)
  • Paw Paw Lake Drive: S Avenue To RS Avenue