Public Service Message from RCKC regarding Water over the Road, Drainage and Trees Across the Road

Road Commission of Kalamazoo County (RCKC)
Water over the Road/Drainage/Trees Across the Road

Kalamazoo, MI-

When a large amount of rainfall occurs it affects road conditions as well as potentially delaying construction projects. We have certainly seen this occur this week.

Water over the Road/Storm Drainage: It is common to find standing water in the roadway with large amounts of rainfall. Please do not drive into high water. If possible, turn around. Storm drains are often unable to manage the quantity of rain that falls during heavy rains and/or storms. In some areas this may only be for a brief time, in other areas pending weather may take a few days. A blocked storm drain is a common cause of street and/or yard flooding. If you have a catch basin in front of, or near, your home, please make sure the opening remains free of leaves, sticks, rocks and/or other debris.

Washout: It is also common to find road shoulder washout areas with large amounts of rainfall. Shoulder areas are eroded by water, especially as it flows to the natural low areas.

Trees: During rain, windy conditions, and with leaves, trees/branches become heavy and their strength compromised. Trees may impact the traveled portion of roadways. Also, please be aware of sagging or broken wires in trees as it can still be “live” with a deadly amount of electricity. In these cases, RCKC must wait for utility company assistance. When possible, RCKC crews have moved fallen trees outside of the road right-of-way to the adjacent property, clearing the traveled portion of our roads for the safety of the public.

The relocated trees from the roadway will be left for the property owner’s use and/or disposal, except in those instances where RCKC holds title to the entire road right-of- way (typically in platted/subdivision areas). A pink flag will be left near the relocated tree informing property owners to contact the RCKC within fifteen (15) days for tree removal options. The property owner may submit a service request that the fallen tree moved by the RCKC, county, municipal or township police, fire, emergency or public utility personnel be cut and stacked adjacent to the public right-of-way, or may request that it be removed. The RCKC will return to address the relocated tree as prioritized within other RCKC operations. Please remember trees/brush that was not relocated by emergency personnel, are the property owner’s responsibilities. For any further questions, please see our Roadside Vegetation Management Policy on our website at

We appreciate the patience across the county as our crews safely respond to these types of service requests during our current weather events.

Download a PDF of this RCKC Public Service Message