2019 Road Projects

On December 10, 2018, the Township Board approved the following road projects to be completed in 2019. These road projects came at the recommendation of the Road Committee, who is assisted by the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County in evaluating the condition of Texas Township and determining which roads are in highest demand for repair or annual maintenance to extend the longevity.

Preventative Maintenance (Chip Seal/Fog Seal)

  • Eagle Heights Drive (PQ Ave to 1,590’ North of PQ Ave)
  • Eagle Terrace (PQ Ave to 707’ North of PQ Ave)
  • Hidden Cove Place (3,009’ West of 8th St to 8th St)
  • Chadeau Estates: Chadeau Ave (Norcross St to 10th St), Norcross St (308′ South of Keith Court to Chadeau Ave), Keith Court (Norcross St to 400′ East of Norcross St), Omega St (Chadeau Ave to 169′ North of Chadeau Ave)
  • Rudgate
  • Colony Woods: Colony Woods Dr (Q Ave to 952′ East of Oak Hills Dr), Oak Hills Dr (Colony Woods Dr to Q Ave)

Rehabilitation (HMA Overlay)

  • Crooked Lake Drive West (Q Ave to PQ Ave)
  • Colony Woods: Whippoorwill Dr (686′ West of Warbler Dr to 12th St), Whistler Dr (Chickadee Dr to Whippoorwill Drive), Chickadee Dr (Warbler Dr to Phoebe St), Phoebe St (Swallow Ave to Whippoorwill Dr), Swan Drive (Swallow Ave to Chickadee Dr), Plover Dr (Swallow Ave to Chickadee Dr)
  • Maplewood Farm: Tillman Drive (Riedell Dr to Stadium Dr), Riedell Drive (Coronet Dr to Farallon Dr), Deerfield Trail (283′ West of Coronet Dr to Riedell Dr), Farallon Dr (Callaway Dr to Riedell Dr), Coronet Dr (Callaway Dr to Riedell Dr), Callaway Dr (Coronet Dr to 1st St), Embassy St (O Ave to Deerfield Tr), Duval Circle (853′ West of Embassy St to Embassy St), Martell Court (Embassy St to 500′ East of Embassy St)

Several primary road projects (funded entirely by RCKC) in the Township are also scheduled for 2019:

  • 8th Street – Q Ave to O Ave and R Ave to S Ave – HMA Overlay
  • 3rd Street – P Ave to OP Ave – Chip Seal/Fog Seal
  • 5th Street – PQ Ave to Q Ave – Chip Seal/Fog Seal
  • 12th Street – Texas Drive to near Parkview – Chip Seal/Fog Seal
  • OP Avenue – 3rd St to 6th St – Chip Seal/Fog Seal