2020 Road Projects

On March 16, 2020, the Township Board approved the following road projects to be completed in 2020. These road projects came at the recommendation of the Road Committee, who is assisted by the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County in evaluating the condition of Texas Township and determining which roads are in highest demand for repair or annual maintenance to extend the longevity.

Rehabilitation Projects (HMA Overlay)

  • Misty Creek Drive – 11th St to Willowbend +
  • Fountain Square – Willowbend to Misty Creek
  • Paw Paw Lake Drive – 2140’ E of 2nd Street to S Avenue

Preventative Maintenance Projects (Crack Fill, HMA Wedging, Chip Seal/Fog Seal)

  • Clydesdale Ave – Percheron St to Belgian Ave
  • Remainder of Misty Creek Neighborhood
  • Portions of Mystic Estates (West of 4th Street)
  • O Avenue – County Line to 4th Street
  • Briarcliff Ave – O Ave to 1172’ N of O Ave
  • Dustin Circle and Terrier Trail
  • Alidor Street and Phiant Avenue
  • Texas Heights Neighborhood (Boyne, Charlevoix, Northport, Suttons Bay, Petoskey, Manitou, Bingham, Presque Isle, West Bay, Port Hope, Trout Bay, Bowers Harbor)

Several primary road projects (funded entirely by RCKC) in the Township are also scheduled for 2020:

  • 8th Street – S Avenue to R Avenue – Left Turn Lanes / Mill / HMA Overlay
  • 4th Street – OP Avenue to Stadium Drive – Mill / HMA Overlay / Shoulder Widen
  • 12th Street – 3,350′ south of Parkview to ON Avenue (Texas / Oshtemo Townships) – Chip Seal / Fog Seal
  • 8th Street – Q Avenue to O Avenue – Chip Seal / Fog Seal
  • 8th Street – U Avenue to R Avenue – Chip Seal / Fog Seal
  • P Avenue – West County Line to 3rd Street – Chip Seal / Fog Seal
  • Texas Drive – 1,000′ east of 8th Street to 12th Street – Chip Seal / Fog Seal
  • 9th Street at N Avenue – Emergency Repair
  • 8th Street – TU Avenue to 2500′ N. of TU Avenue (Texas / Prairie Ronde Townships) – Reconstruct


About Road Projects in Texas Township

There are three types of roads presently in our Township: primary roads (maintenance funding by RCKC), local roads (maintenance funding by the Township) and private roads (usually funded through condo fees or special assessments).

Currently, the local road maintenance projects are funded through three sources:

  1. A Township-wide special assessment (included in your taxes),
  2. $150,000 from the Township general fund
  3. Participation (PAR) funds provided by the RCKC

PAR funds are monies given to the townships to help fund local road maintenance projects. They are a dollar-for-dollar match up to an amount assigned by RCKC. We accomplish the match through the special assessment and general fund allocation. The total amount we have budgeted to spend this year (including all funding sources) is approximately $829,232. Please note road projects and project totals are subject to change, depending on available funding.

How Roads are Prioritized for Maintenance

Each year, the RCKC makes road maintenance recommendations to the Township. There are typically four options for road maintenance: crack filling, hot mix asphalt (HMA) overlay, chip seal, and chip seal + fog seal. Your Township Road Committee is responsible for evaluating RCKC’s recommendations and establishing a list of projects to present to the Township Board for approval each year.