Township Adopts New Master Plan

On December 7, 2020, the Township Board adopted a new Master Plan. The Master Plan expresses the community’s vision for the Township over the next 20 years, and charts the strategies to make that vision into reality.

The new Plan builds on the 2014 historical vision, while considering the changes which have occurred in the Township since that time. To help create the Master Plan, a steering committee was formed, and four public outreach meetings were conducted before quarantine protocols of COVID-19 put a halt to public meetings. An online survey and story map were then developed to garner additional public input. Finally, the Master Plan was discussed at seven Planning Commission meetings and four Township Board meetings, which were all open to the public.

Some highlights of the Master Plan include:

  • Eight goals that deal with environmental preservation, land development, recreation, transportation, infrastructure improvements, and economic growth.
  • A future land use plan that recognizes the changing character of the Township as well as constraints related to public infrastructure.
  • A new future land use district to address the more rural residential areas of the Township, which may still have agricultural uses but large parcel single-family residential is the dominate land use.
  • More dense residential development continues to be focused in areas of the Township where existing and planned public water and sanitary sewer are located.
  • A Preservation Boundary has been included to restrict dense urban and suburban development and to specifically identify where public water and sanitary sewer exists or is planned.
  • Sub-area plans for Texas Corners and 9th Street East (9th Street area north of I-94), which provide recommendations for development  and any needed changes to the Zoning Ordinance to help achieve the planned vision.
  • Background studies, which show that the Township grew by 2,553 people between 2010 and 2019. During this same time, 1,944 new housing units were added, which averages to just over 100 new homes a year. Through the life of the draft Plan (2040), the Township’s population is expected to increase by around 9,000 persons, with housing growth at around 3,500.

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