2021 Road Projects Approved

On Monday, February 8, the Township Board approved the following road projects to be completed in 2021. These projects will be funded through appropriations in the General Fund, the Road Special Assessment, and matching Road Commission of Kalamazoo County PAR Funds.

HMA Overlay               

Bel Villagio Drive – S Ave to Bel Shore Lane +

Bel Shore Lane – 659’ West of Pleasant Meadow Trail +

Pleasant Meadow Trail – Bel Shore Lane to Bel Villagio Drive

Riesling Street – PQ Avenue to Chianti Circle + Chianti Circle – PQ Ave to Riesling Street

10th Street – R Avenue to Q Avenue

10th Street – Q Avenue to Texas Drive

O Avenue – 4th Street to 6th Street

Treasure Island Drive – Pepper Avenue to 2544′ north of Pepper Avenue*

Pepper Avenue – Treasure Island Drive to 667′ east of Finnagen Street*

Woods Drive – Treasure Island Drive to 934′ north of Treasure Island Drive*

Finnagen Street – PQ Avenue to Pepper Avenue

*Subject to lake levels


Crack Fill, HMA Wedging, Chip Seal and Fog Seal Projects               

2nd Street – RS Ave to R Ave

10th Street – 5,280’ South of S Ave to R Ave

Hickory Hill Lane – 1,531’ West of 12th Street to 12th Street

Selah Court – PQ Ave to 652’ north of PQ Ave

Pine Island Court North – 1,016’ East of Finnagen St to Finnagen St

O Ave Deferral (2020 Project)