Texas Township Cemeteries

Hope Cemetery

Texas Township’s Largest Cemetery | Located at 8501 S. 8th Street (Between Q & R Ave)

Hope Cemetery Map

Virgo Cemetery

Located at 10979 West RS Avenue (On the Corner of West RS Ave & VanKal Road)

Virgo Cemetery Map

Online Burial Information

We are proud to now offer online burial information lookup. This is a fantastic resource for genealogy enthusiasts, residents, and anyone looking for available burial spaces. Simply view the Burial Information spreadsheet to the right and search the alphabetical listings for the name and corresponding burial location information that you are looking for. You can then cross-reference the plot location on that document with the maps provided to pinpoint exact location information. Additionally, you may also use the maps to view open burial spaces (noted in green). 

Purchasing a Burial Space

Both Hope and Virgo Cemeteries currently have burial plots available. To purchase a burial plot, please contact the Clerk’s Office to schedule a time to review open plots and locations. 

All burial spaces are purchased through the Township Clerk’s Office. The purchase of a burial space grants a right of burial only – it does not convey any other title to the lot or burial space sold.

Please call 269.375.1591 to contact the Clerk’s Office and schedule a time to review available burial spaces.

Fee Schedule

Burial Space Fees
Traditional Lot Designated Cremation Spaces*
Resident – $400 Resident – $200
Nonresident – $800 Nonresident – $400

*Designated cremation spaces are located in a cremation only section of Hope Cemetery. Up to (2) cremations are allowed on these spaces. 

The following are allowed on each traditional lot:
  • (1) Traditional Burial
  • (1) Traditional Burial and up to (2) Cremation Burials
  • Up to (4) Cremation Burials
Grave Opening Fees
Grave Openings (Weekdays) Grave Openings (Saturdays) Grave Openings (Sundays & Holidays)
Full: $550 Full: 1.5x Weekday Rate ($825) Full: 2x Weekday Rate ($1100)
Cremation: $330 Cremation: 1.5x Weekday Rate ($495) Cremation: 2x Weekday Rate ($660)

Winter Charges (Nov 1 – Mar 31) $100 additional on each of the above

Additional cemetery work will be billed at $75/hour.

Contact the Clerk's Office

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    Cemetery Rules & Regulations

    • Burial spaces shall be purchased through the Township Clerk’s Office.
    • All burials must be arranged through the Clerk’s Office.
    • Markers or memorials must be made of stone or other equally durable composition.
    • Maintenance of markers is the responsibility of the family of the deceased.
    • No individual plantings of trees, shrubs, or rosebushes shall be permitted.
    • No edging, stones, fence, railing, or hedge to define the lot or grave space shall be permitted.
    • Also prohibited are Shepherds Hooks or structures of any type.
    • Flowers are allowed within 12” of the memorial and may not to extend past lot boundaries in full bloom.
    • Summer lot decorations are permitted from May 1 through September 20.
    • Winter lot decorations are permitted from November 1 through March 31 of the following year.
    • Decorations remaining beyond the time permitted may be removed and destroyed by the Township.
    • No glass containers are permitted.
    • A container is available at Hope Cemetery from April through October for the disposal of cemetery refuse. Dumping on grounds adjoining the cemetery is prohibited.
    • A rain barrel is available during the summer months for watering of flowers.
    • Any violation of the Texas Township Cemetery Policy is subject to removal by the Township.

    Download Cemetery Policy

    Cemetery FAQ

    How many burials is each burial site designed for?

    Each burial site is designated for one traditional burial, one traditional burial and two cremation burials, or four cremation burials.

    Can I sell my burial space to someone else?

    No. Burial spaces cannot be sold or given away. They must be sold back to the Township for reassignment at the purchase rate.

    What does the cost of a burial site cover?

    The purchase of a burial site grants a right of burial only and does not convey any other title to the lot or burial space sold. Additional fees for grave openings will apply.

    Where can I place a marker?

    Markers must be of stone or other equally durable composition and must be placed at the head of the burial site with no more than one marker per burial site.

    Am I allowed to plant any trees/shrubs/etc. at a grave site?

    The Township will be responsible for the placement of all trees and shrubs and no individual planting of trees, shrubs, rosebushes, etc. shall be permitted. Please note that shepherds hooks or structures of any type are not permitted. You may place planted perennial flowers in urns or vases on either side of the memorial. No glass containers are permitted.