Flooding Crisis

Flood Insurance

  • Because Texas Township is part of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), insurance agents must provide flood insurance. Private insurance is an option, but it may be difficult to get given the current lake levels.
  • The coverage limits are low for NFIP policy ($250,000 max for building and $100,000 for content).
  • NFIP Flood Insurance provides limited basement and basement contents coverage (make sure you know what is covered).
  • NFIP Flood Insurance rates are subsidized/discounted.
  • An elevation certificate is not required, but it is important in defining the frequency of flooding, and therefore you will get lower rates if you have one. This should be provided to the flood insurance agent.
  • There is a 30 day wait period after presentment of the premium before you can get flood insurance through NFIP.
  • Texas Township could reduce NFIP flood insurance rates in the Township by getting involved with the CRS program (Community Rating System). This requires specific activities by the Township and can reduce rates by 5% to 45%.

Answers to Questions about NFIP

Flood Assessment

The Texas Township Board and staff are aware of the many flooding and water level issues affecting our residents. Historically, Texas Township has had many lakes and wetlands that collect runoff during storms but does not have a history of significant flooding.

In 2018, however, groundwater and lake levels have not receded following rain events as in the past.  Typically, the evaporation in the summer is substantial. However, this year, lake levels have been two or more feet above normal and are currently above the 100 year flood plain. We have determined that the normal summer evaporation is not occurring; in fact, the lakes continue to rise with every rainfall, which compelled the Township to seek assistance for its residents.

We have been in contact with  Congressman Fred Upton, Senator Margaret O’Brien, Representative Brandt Iden, and Kalamazoo County Commissioner Dale Sugars to garner assistance while working to determine a solution to the flooding.  Additionally, Texas Township has engaged with Prein & Newhof, and specifically a hydrolic engineer and Kalamazoo County Drain Commission, to evaluate and assess the impacted areas to determine what is causing the water issues and what can be done to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future. Download the Texas Township Flood Study Report from Prein & Newhof.

We are conducting a Flood Damage Assessment and are asking all residents impacted by the flooding and high water levels to complete a survey to assess damages. This Flood Damage Assessment has helped us to 1) identify the cause of the continued flooding and why we are not seeing relief; 2) identify a solution to reduce flooding and water levels; and 3) determine if the Township is eligible to apply for a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant to assist in funding that solution. A Notice of Intent has been filed with the state, and Prein & Newhof is conducting the flood study. Click here to see a memo from Prein & Newhof regarding FEMA funding ramifications.

The Township has been working with the Crooked Lake and Eagle Lake Associations and with the Drain Commission to find a more immediate fix to the problem, as well. Click here to view and sign a letter from the lake associations to Senator O’Brien and Representative Iden asking for assistance with a short-term solution to provide some relief from the flooding.

A Flooding Task Force was created at the September 10 Township Board Meeting to discuss the flooding issues and identify potential solutions. Here is a list of their meeting dates (click past dates to see the meeting summary):

Flood Assessment

The Township continues to gather more information about damages caused by flooding and high water levels.

Complete the Flood Assessment
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