Julie VanderWiere

Texas Township Superintendent

Julie VanderWiere has served as the Texas Township Superintendent since October of 2012. She holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Ferris State University. Superintendent VanderWiere retired from Kalamazoo Public Safety after 23 years of service. She and her family have resided in Texas Township for 11 years. 

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Role of the Superintendent

The Township Superintendent is appointed by the Board of Trustees and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Township’s various departments.  The Superintendent reports to the members of the Township Board as a whole and is responsible for the preparation and administration of the annual budget for all Township funds, oversees all public improvements and undertakings of the Township, and is responsible for personnel administration. Additionally, the Superintendent prepares and submits recommendations to the Township Board for their consideration and is responsible for the enforcement  of Township ordinances, regulations and policies and represents the Township as needed in meetings and other communications with other local, state and federal organizations.   

Responsibilities of the Superintendent

Township Administration

The Superintendent reports to the Township Board and oversees the day-to-day operations of the township, including overseeing the Building, Planning and Zoning, Assessing, and Fire Departments, as well as all Township Parks & Facilities. 

Financial Oversight

In conjunction with the Clerk and Treasurer, the Superintendent is responsible for developing the Township’s annual operating budget. This includes evaluating all funds and providing a recommendation to the Board for the next fiscal year, researching and providing recommendations on Capital Improvement projects, and more. 

Human Resources

The Superintendent is the Human Resources Director for the Township and manages all personnel, the hiring process, evaluating staff policies, and more.  


As part of managing the Township, the Superintendent ensures that there is seamless and transparent communication between the Township and its residents. This includes overseeing all communication channels such as the quarterly newsletter, website, social media pages, and more.

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Brooke Hovenkamp
Deputy Superintendent