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Pay Building Fees Online

The Building Department now accepts online payments through BS&A. You can search by name, address, or parcel number to find your record and submit payment.

Online Payments

The Building Department assists residents and businesses in fulfilling the State of Michigan building, mechanical, and electrical construction codes. These construction codes are intended to protect the public health, safety and welfare. Project plan review, permit issuance, progress inspections and the issuance of final certificates of occupancy occur with various construction projects. 

Applying for a Permit

Contractors have two options when applying for a permit:

  1. Apply for a permit online*
  2. Fill out a permit form and submit it via fax, mail, or in person at our office. 

*NOTE: Several permits, included new construction permits, can only be submitted via mail or in person at our office. 

Apply for a Permit Online

Download the Permit Form

Permit Forms

Scheduling an Inspection

To schedule an inspection, you may either: 

  1. Schedule your inspection online
  2. Call our office at 269.978.0715 and schedule an inspection with the Building Assistant

Please note that same day inspections may be scheduled until 10:00 a.m. If a project fails the first two inspections, a $35 re-inspection fee will be applied.

Schedule an Inspection Online

Inspection Schedule

Building Inspections Electrical Inspections Mechanical Inspections  
Monday | Beginning at 8am Monday | Beginning at 10am Monday | Beginning at 10am  
Tuesday | Beginning at 8am Tuesday | N/A Tuesday | N/A  
Wednesday | N/A Wednesday | Beginning at 10am Wednesday | Beginning at 10am  
Thursday | Beginning at 8am Thursday | Beginning at 10am Thursday | N/A  
Friday | Beginning at 8am Friday | N/A Friday | Beginning at 10am  

Building Permit Fee Schedule

The total cost of improvement is based on the Bureau of Construction Codes Square Foot Construction Cost Table. Plan review fees for use groups R-3 and R-4 only are included in this table. Please note the first $75.00 of an application fee is non-refundable.
Residential Building Permit

$1 – $1,000 | $115 (Includes one inspection only).

$1,001 – $10,000 | $115 + $10 per $1,000 over $1,000

$10,001 – $100,000 | $165 + $3 per $1,000 over $10,000

$100,001 – $500,000 | $435 + $2 per $1,000 over $100,000

$500,001+ | $1235 + $3 per $1,000 over $500,000

All work not involving a square foot computation:
– $115 base fee for plan review/admin costs
– $50 fee for each inspection

Additional Inspections Per Hour


Special Inspection

$75 (Pertaining to the sale of a building)


– Must provide Clearance Demolition Agreement from Utility Company
– $100 base fee for plan review/admin costs

Sign Permit


Plan Review