Facility & Apparatus


All fire apparatus and personnel are based in our only fire station, which is attached to the Township Hall, located near Texas Corners, at 8th St. & Q Ave. Currently, all garage space at the fire station is being utilized with apparatus, with some garages double-parked. This leaves minimal room for additional fire apparatus or rescue equipment.

When the Township was a mainly rural area, the current fire station location was very logical. Centered in the Township, the response distance was fairly equal to all areas with the exception of Paw Paw lake area and the Stadium / 1st. Street area. These areas are about 6 miles from the station and, until the 1980’s, sparsely developed. With the construction of I-94, and the demolition of the 1st. Street bridge over the Amtrak rail line, this created an “island” in the Township that placed the northwest corner of the Township well beyond an acceptable distance for emergency fire and rescue response from the current fire station.

In the late summer of 1996, the Township completed an addition to the existing office / hall / fire station complex which allowed the fire department to occupy an area of the building previously used for Township general business activities. This almost tripled the office space and greatly increased the efficiency of the Fire Department administrative staff. The Department has also developed the basement area of the Township Hall as a training center and meeting room.

In 2010, the voters of the Township graciously passed a request of 0.5 mill to support staffing the fire station 24 hours per day. A portion of the money raised was designated to add a “crews quarters” to the existing building; this addition was completed in late 2011. The addition included a locker room, ready room, fitness area, an updated communications center, and overnight accommodations.


From it’s inception in 1946, the Texas Township Fire Department remained equipped for mainly a rural, sparsely populated area until the early 1980’s. At that time it was realized that the growth in the Township was out-pacing the ability to provide adequate protection with the existing equipment. The Insurance Service Office evaluated the Texas Township Fire Department in 1980, and evaluated fire equipment, telephone and dispatching, and water supply for fighting fires. On a scale of 1 (best) to 10 (no fire department) the Township rated an 8 in the 1980 evaluation. This low rating was awarded largely due to the lack of adequate water supplies and equipment for fire fighting.

Gradually through the 1990’s the Department realized the need to upgrade fire-fighting equipment to meet the needs of the developing Township. Without benefit of any dedicated taxpayer funding, this was a struggle. In 1992, a 3-year 1/2-mill levy on property taxes was approved by voters for the purchase of a new combination pumper-tanker truck. This truck was delivered in 1995, and the special levy expired.

The Fire Department was again evaluated by the Insurance Services Office in 1997. With the addition of this newer pumper-tanker unit and expansion of public water services (fire hydrants), the rating improved to a 6 in those areas that are near fire hydrants, but remained at a 9 in those areas without fire hydrants.

In 1999, the Township realized a very good return on its savings investments. With these returns, the Fire Department was able to modernize its vehicle fleet with 2 state-of-the-art vehicles. First, a new tanker truck was purchased in 2000 to replace a 1975 unit. Then in 2001, a new pumper truck was purchased to replace the 1981 pumper truck as the primary fire-fighting vehicle.

In 2004, the Township updated it’s rescue response capabilities by purchasing an new rescue vehicle, replacing a 1989 unit.

In 2012, the Fire Dept. was again reviewed by the Insurance Services Office. Because of an improvement in mutual cooperation agreements between Texas Township and the surrounding agencies, as well as staffing the station 24 hours per day, the rating improved to a 5 in the areas within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant, an 8B in all other areas that are within 5 road-miles of the Fire Station.