About the Planning, Zoning & Development Dept.

The Planning Department oversees land use development within Texas Township and is responsible for administering the Zoning Ordinance and implementing the Township Master Land Use Plan. The Planning Department serves as staff to the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Downtown Development Authority, and Township Board and manages the following: 

  • Review of all development proposals
  • Zoning Ordinance provisions
  • Rezoning requests
  • Land divisions
  • Master land use planning functions for the Township
  • Water and sewer extensions
  • Sign permits
  • Economic development
  • Demographic information

The department also responds to requests for information from residents, developers, and others and works closely with the other departments, engineer consulting firms and other County and State agencies.

Planning/Zoning Fee Schedule

Planning Commission Fees Application Fee Escrow Notes
Site Plan Review $700 $1,200 Note: Includes Required Site Plan
Special Exception Use $700 $1,200  
Rezoning/Text Amendment $700 $1,200  
Master Plan Map Amendment $700 $1,200  Note: Includes Rezoning
Plats/Site Condominiums $700 $1,200 Note: Step 1 Before Planning Commission
Request for Special Meeting $1,400 N/A  
Zoning Board of Appeals Application Fee    
Request for Variance $500    
Appeal/Zoning Admin. Interpretation $500    
Request for Special Meeting $850    

Planning Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Committee Members & Meeting Dates

Applications & Forms

Land Use Change Application

PUD Applications

Site Plan Amendment Application

Site Plan Review Application & Checklist

Special Exception Use Application

Temporary Sign Permit

Temporary Use Application

Text Amendment Application

Zoning Change Application

Land Division Application

ZBA Variance Application

Planning/Zoning Staff

Doug Plachcinski
Zoning Administrator

Phone: 269-375-1591
Office Hours: Monday – Thursday
*Appointments available upon request

Brooke Hovenkamp
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 269-375-1591

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