Waste & Recycling

Waste & Recycling

Texas Township has an ordinance which requires all waste hauling companies to provide their residential garbage customers with at least monthly curbside recycling pickup and the choice of volume-based garbage containers. 

It is not mandatory that you use the recycling service, but, as an incentive to participate in community efforts to reduce our dependency on landfills, the ordinance requires waste hauling compaies to assess any possible recycling charge to all residential customers uniformly, whether they take advantage of the recycling service. In other words, recycling is automatically provided to all residential garbage customers. 

To offset any possible recycling charge, households are encouraged to recycle and subscribe to a service using a smaller, less expensive garbage container, including variable sized carts and bag service. Also, you may elect to purchase pickup services for yard waste and special bulk trash pickup from your waste hauling company for a separate charge. 


Trash Pickup Vendors

Republic Services | 888.249.5112

Best Way Disposal | 269.388.3300

Waste Management | 269.382.1081 x 519

Recycling Center

The Kalamazoo Transfer Station and Recycle Drop Center at 3432 Gembrit Circle, Kalamazoo, MI 49001, will accept newspapers, magazines, catalogs, cereal type boxes, telephone books, metal cans, plastic bottles, colorless glass, brown glass, green glass and scrap metal.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday | 8am-5pm

Saturdays | 8am-Noon