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All 129.49 miles of public roads in Texas Township are maintained by the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County (RCKC). Public roadways are designated as either primary or local. Primary roads are major roads within a county road system and have high traffic volumes. Local roads have lower traffic volumes and mainly provide access to property and/or funnel traffic to more residential/agricultural areas. Texas Township has 91.613 miles of local roads and 37.882 miles of primary roads. You can view a map that differentiates primary and local roads here.

  • Maintenance of primary roads is funded in totality by RCKC. 
  • Maintenance of local roads is a 50% split between the Township and RCKC, up to the amount of available PAR funds (approximately $250,000). Once all PAR funds have been utilized (which is the portion that RCKC contributes to maintenance) all remaining maintenance is funded 100% by the Township. 
  • PAR funds are RCKC's Local Road Participation Fund dollars distributed amongst the 15 Kalamazoo County Townships for use on local road projects. Annually, the Board of County Road Commissioners of Kalamazoo County determines the amount of PAR funds to be made available to the townships. Annual PAR fund allocation for each township is based upon a formula comprised of a township’s population, local road mileage and urban mileage.

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Road Projects

To receive updates on road closures in Texas Township, we encourage you to register for RCKC Connect.

Each year, the Road Committee, in collaboration with RCKC, identifies which roads will receive maintenance and which maintenance type (chip seal, HMA, etc.) is administered. RCKC determines the maintenance schedule and when treatment will occur. 

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Road Assessment

In 2020, the Township increased the Road Assessment to $120 per buildable parcel. This assessment supports the funding needed to ensure all public roads in the Township are safe and in good condition. With this increase, the Township is positioned to ensure that every local road in the Township receives some maintenance treatment at least once every 10 years. 


Snow Removal

As part of their maintenance program, RCKC is responsible for all snow removal on public roadways. They first ensure all primary roads are cleared and local roads are secondary in treatment. The map below identifies the priorities in snow removal. 

Snow Route Map

Winter Maintenance Brochure

Potholes/Trees in Road

If a tree falls onto or across a public roadway, please call the Road Commission immediately and/or call 9-1-1 after normal business hours. To report a pothole or other non-emergency maintenance item, you can either call RCKC directly or submit a service request. 

Tree Removal Brochure


If you would like to install a new driveway, widening your driveway, or changing the location of your driveway, you will need a Driveway Right-of-Way Permit from RCKC. A driveway permit is not required for seal coating an existing asphalt driveway.