Budget & Financial Reports

The Texas Township Board is committed to fiscal responsibility and transparency to our residents.

Fiscal Responsibility

The Texas Township Board is committed to demonstrating fiscal responsibility in all actions. From every signed contract to every invested dollar, it is the mission of the board to ensure that the Township is receiving the best possible value for our residents. We are conservative with our expenditures, prudent with our investments, and strive to stretch every dollar as far as possible. We operate on a surplus budget and every year and invest funds into our Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to ensure that we are saving in a responsible manner so we can achieve long term goals.


Residents have full access to our annual operating budget and annual financial reports, all of which are posted below. Additionally, you may access our payroll, invoices and check register each month in the Township Board Meeting Packets. If you have questions about the budget or financial reports, please contact the Texas Township Superintendent, Julie VanderWiere. 

2021 Operating Budget

The 2021 operating budget was adopted by the Township Board on December 7, 2020. 

View the 2021 Operating Budget

Where Your Tax Money Goes

Below you will find four charts that provide a visual representation of where your tax dollars go. The breakdown changes for each school district – so please make sure you’re viewing the correct district. Additionally, the breakdown changes based on whether you are Homestead or Non-Homestead. You can click the arrow icons to the side of each chart to view the Non-Homestead allocation. 

The ONLY taxes that are allocated to Texas Township are those in red. As you can see in the charts below, only a minimal percentage of your taxes are allocated to the township. 

Kalamazoo School District

Mattawan School District

Portage School District

Schoolcraft School District

View the 2015 Millage Rate Chart

Please note that the following special assessment and administration fees are NOT represented on the charts above: 

  1. Texas Township charges a 1% administration fee for collecting and dispersing the taxes for all of the independent agencies (schools, Kalamazoo County, the Juvenile Home, etc.) represented in these charts. This administration alleviates homeowners from receiving upwards of 10-15 separate tax bills each year. 
  2. Qualifying homes may be assessed an annual Street Lighting tax of $36. 
  3. Every buildable parcel in Texas Township is assessed a $60 Road Maintenance tax. 100% of these funds are allocated towards the maintenance & repair of existing township roads. 
  4. Residents may have additional special assessments not represented on the above charts if they live on a lake, are connected to water and sewer, etc.

Texas Township Financial Reports