Parks & Trails

Parks & Trails Master Plan

In 2016, the Texas Township Board approved two conceptual designs for a new 6th Street Park and a redesign of the existing Texas Drive Park. These park enhancements are part of Texas Township’s commitment to provide excellent recreational facilities designed to enhance community and prove greater connection for families.

2020 Parks & Trails Master Plan

See Conceptual Designs

Texas Township Trailway

The Texas Drive Phase II Trailway, which spans 2.7 miles from the end of the Texas Drive Phase I Trailway near Rota Kiwan to the roundabout at 12th Street and Milham, was constructed using grant monies from MDOT & MDNR, as well as Texas Township General Funds, donations from the Friends of Texas Township Parks and Trails, and the Laugh Out Loud 5K Run. This trailway is a fantastic place for residents and visitors alike to walk, jog, run, bike, and more! Parking is available at the Al Sabo Parking Lot on Texas Drive. Additionally, overflow parking is available at either of the Texas Drive Park parking lots. If you are using the trailway, please refrain from parking on Texas Drive. 

View the Phase II Trail Map

Texas Drive Park | 6603 Texas Drive

Texas Drive Park is located between 8th street and 10th street on Texas Drive and offers a variety of recreational activities including: 

  • New playground (installed in 2021)
  • Pavilion with picnic tables that can be used for small picnics
  • Basketball court
  • Soccer field
  • Football field
  • Paved trail encircling the entire park (3/4 mile) that can be used for walking, running, biking, and rollerblading

The park is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year. If you’d like to rent the park for your sports team or an afternoon, please fill out the rental form below and return to the Township Office.

Please obey all park rules and help us keep it clean by putting all trash in the provided trash cans. Please enjoy your time at the park and play safely!

Park Rules

Texas Drive Park: 6603 Texas Drive | Kalamazoo, MI 49009

6th Street Park

Phase I of the 6th Street Park was constructed in 2020. The park now features eight pickleball courts, a 0.5 mile trailway, and two multipurpose fields that are currently maturing, but we hope will ready for use in fall 2021. 

View the 6th Street Park Designs

Phase I Construction Drone Footage
6th Street Property: 6321 S. 6th Street | Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Joyce I Neubauer Farmers Market Pavilion

The Joyce I Neubauer Farmers Market Pavilion was constructed in 2009 and is home to the Texas Township Farmers Market during the summer months. It is located next to the Township Hall and is available to rent for community activities, birthday parties, celebrations, and other events during times of non-use. Please see the fee schedule below for rental rates.


Al Sabo Land Preserve

The Al Sabo Land Preserve was established in the early 1970’s in order to protect the groundwater supply of the Atwater wellfield. The 741 acres were purchased in the late 1960’s and a master plan was developed for its use as a passive recreation nature preserve. The City of Kalamazoo passed an ordinance that would ensure its protection as a water resource. The wetlands and sandy soils serve as a recharge area for the area’s groundwater. 

Presently there are 18 wellheads operating on the property. By preventing development of the land above the aquifer, the water can be protected from contamination by the products of urban development.

Albert Sabo served as the Director of the City’s Utilities Department for 15 yearss, and was employed by the city from 1922 until 1969. It was Sabo’s insight that initiated the purchase and preservation of this land. In 1992 the preserve was closed due to excessive erosion. The sport of mountain biking had taken a toll on the trails of Al Sabo. After many Saturdays of volunteer restoration work, the preserve was opened in 1993. As a condition of the preserve’s re-opening, bicycles are restricted to approximately seven of the 25 miles of trails. Download maps and general info

The habitats here are a diverse mix of woods, wetlands, and open meadows. Here you will find both coniferous tracts of woodlands, and mature hardwood forests. The wetlands here serve as the headwaters of the West Fork of Portage Creek. Many of the trails are clearly marked and easy to follow, but there are also many unmarked and unmapped trails. If you choose to travel on these trails, a compass and map are advised. Bicycles are allowed only on the trails marked for bicycles. No bicycles are allowed north of the land bridge. The preserve is open from sunrise to sunset.

Al Sabo Preserve: 6310 Texas Drive | Kalamazoo, MI 49009

Park Rental Rates

Please note that you may only rent the Park or Fields for the current calendar year. All reservations for the next calendar year must be made after January 1st. 
Venue Reservation Required Deposit 1.5 Hours 4 Hours Daily Fee Seasonal Fee
Texas Drive Park Pavilion Yes $100 $60 N/A
Sports Field

Yes, to guarantee spot.

Open to public if no reservation.

All organized sports teams must rent field prior to use.

$100 $15 $40 $100 N/A
Concession Stand Yes $100* $15 $40 $80 N/A
Joyce I Neubauer Farmers’ Market Pavilion Yes $100*   $50 $100 N/A

*Concession Stand & Farmers Market Pavilion must be returned clean or the cleaning fee will be taken from the deposit.

Park Rental Hold Harmless Form

Private Event Pavilion Rental/Reservation Application

Public Event Pavilion Rental/Reservation Application

Organized Sports Team Field Rental Application