Texas Corners Visual Preference Survey

Help us define what the future of Texas Corners looks like!


A visual preference survey is a technique for obtaining public feedback on physical design alternatives. It is often used when developing zoning regulations for a specific area. The survey consists of a series of images that participants choose according to their preference. The input is then used to make decisions about the future built environment. Your feedback will help shape the future of the Corners Business District (Texas Corners) as identified in the map below. 

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Survey Information

How to take the survey

Please indicate your preference among a series of images used to illustrate a specific topic.  The use of the building, its architectural style, and the setting of the buildings shown should not be considered unless specifically requested by the question being asked. For example, you may feel strongly about the landscaping of a certain picture, but the question is asking your opinion on the height of the building.

What is the reason for the survey?

The Texas Charter Township Planning Commission is considering updates to the Corners Business District zoning ordinance to help achieve the downtown vision as described in the Texas Corners Sub-Area Plan of the Township Master Plan. The Corners Business District outlines the allowable uses and required development standards for new construction within the zone. Form of buildings, exterior appearance, and site design are being reviewed for potential updates.

Where does the survey apply?

The Corners Business District encompasses the Texas Corners area, as shown in blue on the above map.

How will your opinion factor into decision making?

The value of the survey is in the range of opinions, the shared common ground, and the desires expressed by the public to further define the vision for the Corners Business District. Your input will help guide decisions about the future built environment of Texas Corners.