Paid-On-Call Firefighters

The mission of a paid-on-call firefighter for Texas Township is highly versatile, ranging from routine maintenance of department facilities and equipment to answering extraordinary call for emergency services.  Included in this position is training for and participation in duties related to protection of life and property from natural and man made disasters.

Specifically, these would include but not limited to emergency responses to fire, hazardous material incidents, and emergency medical services.  Non-emergency work would include training, pre-incident planning, in service building inspections and familiarization, facilities and equipment maintenance, and public education.

Primary Duties
  • The response to and intervention of emergencies encountered by this department as it meets its mission statement, the ultimate goal being the immediate preservation of life and property.
  • The proper operation and application of Department equipment and procedures in the intervention of emergencies or routine activities.  Routinely lifts and carries equipment weighing up to 60 lbs.
  • The proper use and routine maintenance of all department equipment and facilities.
  • The performance of all department mission related duties, and directed by operations division supervisory personnel.  Duties will include exposure to extreme weather conditions, utilization of power equipment, working at extreme heights, and require superior reasoning ability.
  • The enthusiastic participation in department training and meetings.
  • If interested, the acceptance of additional administrative support duties such as squad leader, assistant squad leader, or team leader.
  • Assist supervisory personnel with team building efforts such as training.
  • In the absence of a officer senior firefighters may be assigned the responsibilities of acting command.

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Minimum Requirements

Age Limit

Minimum 18 years of age


Must reside in the Township of Texas or within 2 miles of any Texas Township border at time of application, and maintain residency in this area during employment.


High School diploma or GED minimum. Must obtain Michigan Firefighter I, and Medical First Responder within probationary period. Must maintain this level throughout entire time of employment.


Vision must be correctable to 20/20 each eye with visual field and color perception being normal

Health Assessment

After conditional offer of employment is made, a complete physical examination will be required, and conducted by the Township’s physician at no cost to the applicant. Assessments will be made to determine if applicant meets the ability to perform essential functions of fire and rescue work as defined in the Fire Fighter Position Description.

Drivers License

Applicant must possess at date of hire a valid Michigan drivers license, with no restrictions other than the requirement of corrective lenses and no more than 4 penalty points on driving record at time of application and throughout entire time of employment.

Background Check

Background checks examine the character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and overall ethical patterns of applicants. Checks can include a criminal history search, review of credit reports and driving records, verification of employment history, education, professional references, professional licenses held, drug testing and possibly fingerprint records. These examinations of applicants’ past behavior assist in eliminating from the employee ranks people who could possibly be risks, and harm personnel or the public. Beyond protecting our equipment and facilities, background checks of potential employees help us maintain our stature as a community trusted and respected by the public. Applicants must have no felony convictions.


This is an entry level position and does not require previous experience. Any previous experience or education, including full time, on call, or volunteer firefighting or emergency medical work may be weighed in favor of the candidate.

Selection Process

All applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be required to compete in open examination with all other candidates in the following areas:

  1. Complete Formal Application;
  2. Submit a current copy of MI Drivers License;
  3. Submit a current copy of Michigan Driving Record from the SOS;
  4. Oral board interview with the Recruiting Committee;
  5. Favorable score on a 100 question Firefighter Test;
  6. Favorable results of a comprehensive background investigation;
  7. Recommendation to the Fire Chief for second interview;
  8. Interview with Chief and/or Deputy Chief;
  9. Recommendation to Township Board for Indoctrinary Firefighter Status.

Indoctrination Period

Every new Firefighter is required to serve as a indoctrination or working test period to obtaining regular status.  This indoctrination period is no less than 6 months and not to exceed 2 years.  On or before completion of the indoctrination period, his / her general adaptability for firefighting will be review, by the Chief and Department Command Officers. 

On or before completion of a indoctrination period the new firefighter will either be placed on regular status, or released as dictated by his / her performance pursuant to Department policies and standards.

Wages & Salary

On Call Fire Fighters of Texas Township Fire Department receive hourly wages for responses, training, drills, work details and station coverage.  These wages are set and approved annually by the Texas Township Board of Trustees.  Contact the administrative office for current wages.

Other benefits include:  Employer contribution to the Township retirement fund, Uniforms furnished, text messaging participation reimbursement, Training and educational tuition reimbursement program.

The Charter Township of Texas is a Equal Opportunity employer which complies with Federal and State standards pertaining to equal employment opportunity for all citizens.

It is the policy of the Charter Township of Texas to employ equal opportunity on an affirmative basis to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regards to race, color, creed, sex, age, height, weight, marital status, veteran status, national origin or disability. Michigan law requires that a handicapper/individual with a disability needing accommodation for employment notify the employer in writing, within 182 days after the need is known.