Department Overview

The Planning Department oversees land use development within Texas Township and is responsible for administering the Zoning Ordinance and implementing the Township Master Land Use Plan. The Planning Department serves as staff to the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Downtown Development Authority, and Township Board and manages the following: 

  • Review of all development proposals
  • Zoning Ordinance provisions
  • Rezoning requests
  • Land divisions
  • Master land use planning functions for the Township
  • Water and sewer extensions
  • Sign permits
  • Economic development
  • Demographic information

The department also responds to requests for information from residents, developers, and others and works closely with the other departments, engineer consulting firms and other County and State agencies.

Planning/Zoning Staff

Julie Johnston
Planner and Zoning Administrator

Phone: 269-375-1591
Office Hours: Monday – Thursday
*Appointments available upon request

Jennie Miller
Planning/Zoning and Building Assistant

Phone: 269-375-1591

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of seven members who meet twice a month to review site plans, proposed developments, ordinance amendments, and more.


Regular Meetings | 4th Tuesday of the Month | 6:00 p.m. | Deadline for Application – 28 Days Prior

Workshop Meetings | 2nd Tuesday of the Month | 5:00 p.m. | Administrative Business Only

Please note that all public notices are published on the Home Page.  

View Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Committee Members & Meeting Dates

PC Forms & Fee Schedule

Site Plan Review

Application Fee: $600
Escrow: $1500*
*Includes costs associated to publishing

Site Plan Review Application Packet

Residential Developments: Plats/Site Condominiums/PUDs/Condominiums/Mixed Use Developments

Step 1
Fee for Planning Commission: $600 (Includes Site Plan Review)
Escrow: $1,500

Step 1 Residential Development Application

Step 2
Fee for Planning Commission: $600
Escrow: TBD**

Step 2 Residential Development Application

Step 1 & 2 Combined
Fee for Planning Commission: $600
Escrow: $1,500 + TBD**

Step 3
Fee for Planning Commission: $600
Escrow: N/A

**The Township Engineer must provide an estimate of construction inspection expenses with their Step 1 project review. The Zoning Administrator will review the estimate and the Planning Commission will make the escrow deposit in the amount of the estimate a condition of Step 2 approval.

Escrow Affidavit

Rezoning/Zoning Map Amendment

Fee for Planning Commission Application: $600
Escrow: $1,500
Fee for Concurrent Master Plan Amendment: $200

Zoning Change Application Escrow Affidavit

Special Exception Use

Application Fee: $400
Escrow: $500

Special Exception Use Application Escrow Affidavit

Text Amendment

Fee for Planning Commission Application: $600
Escrow: $1500

Text Amendment Application Escrow Affidavit

Request for Special Meeting

$900 (In addition to the application costs)

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of five members and two alternates who meet once a month to review variance applications. 


ZBA Meetings | 4th Wednesday of the Month | 6:00 p.m. | Deadline for Application – 28 Days Prior

Please use the links below to learn more about the ZBA and review past meetings information. Please note that all public notices are published on the Home Page

View Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Committee Members & Meeting Dates

ZBA Forms & Fee Schedule

Request for Variance

Application Fee: $900
Escrow: N/A

ZBA Variance Application

Appeal Zoning Admin. Interpretation

Application Fee: $600
Escrow: N/A

Request Special Meeting

Application Fee: $900 (In addition to the application costs)
Escrow: N/A

Zoning Administrator Review

Several items related to planning and zoning are not reviewed by the Planning Commission or Zoning Board of Appeals but are instead handled administratively. The forms and fees for all administrative review items are listed to the right. If you have any questions about whether something requires an administrative review or needs to be reviewed by the Planning Commission, please contact the Planning & Zoning Administrator, by email at or by phone at 269.375.1591.

Land Use Change Application

Sign Permit (Includes Temporary Sign)

Application Fee: $75
Per Sign Fee: $25

Sign Permit

Zoning Administrator Site Plan/Sketch Plan Amendment

Application Fee: $200
Escrow: N/A

Site Plan Amendment Application

Zoning Review

Application Fee: N/A
Escrow: N/A

Zoning Review

Zoning Verification Letter

Application Fee: $50
Escrow: N/A

Land Division/Property Line Adjustment

Application Fee: $260 (for a simple split; $130 for each additional split)

Land Combination

Application Fee: $130

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