Phase II Trailway
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Phase II Trailway Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Monday, October 24 | 3:30pm

Start of Phase II Trailway Just East of Al Sabo Parking Lot

Texas Township is excited to announce the completion of the Phase II Trailway, which spans 2.7 miles and connects Texas Drive to the 12th Street Roundabout. This trailway is an excellent addition to our ever-expanding trail system and will benefit walkers, runners, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts alike! 

Join us for the Grand Opening Celebration, which is open to the public and will feature a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony beginning at 3:30pm. Please RSVP via the form below, or by calling our office at 269.375.1591. 


Parking is limited, so please share rides as much as possible. Parking is available at the Al Sabo Parking Lot (6310 Texas Drive) or overflow parking will be available at the Texas Drive Park (6603 Texas Drive). No shuttle will be available, so please allow ample time for parking/commuting to the ceremony. 


Phase II Trailway Information

  • Grant process began in 2012

  • Texas Township awarded MDOT Grant of $350,105.00

  • Texas Township awarded MDNR Grant of $300,000.00

  • Fall 2015 – Construction on the trail began

  • October 2016 – Trailway opens to public

View The Phase II Trailway Map

Thank you to our Sponsors, Donors, Supporters and those who assisted with this project!

This trailway was truly a collaborative effort involving many different residents, governmental groups, contractors, donors, and more. We are excited to officially open the trail for public use!