Electronics Recycling

Texas Township is offering an Electronics Recycling Event in 2022 in conjunction with Shred Day. We are partnering with Comprenew, based in Grand Rapids, MI.

2022 Event Details

Saturday, April 30 from 9am-12noon

Texas Township Hall

Accepted items include:

  • CRT TVs ($20 fee)
  • Mixed Batteries, Copiers, LED, Laptops, Mobile Devices
  • Spooled Wire
  • Miscellaneous Electronics
  • LCD Screens, PCs, Plasma, Scanners
  • CRT Monitors ($10 fee), Servers
  • Network and Telecom Equipment, and Flat Screens
  • Printers

Recycling Fees

Some fees do apply for the disposal of the following larger items. Fees can be paid by cash only.

  • CRT Monitors ($10)
  • CRT TVs ($20)