Electronics Recycling

Texas Township is piloting an Electronics Recycling Event in 2021. We are partnering with Comprenew, based in Grand Rapids, MI.

2021 Event Details

Saturday, August 28 1:30 to 4 pm

Texas Township Hall

Pre-Registration Recommended for Event

Accepted items include:

  • CRT TVs ($20 fee)
  • Mixed Batteries, Copiers, LED, Laptops, Mobile Devices
  • Spooled Wire
  • Miscellaneous Electronics
  • LCD Screens, PCs, Plasma, Scanners
  • CRT Monitors ($10 fee), Servers
  • Network and Telecom Equipment, and Flat Screens
  • Printers

Recycling Fees

Some fees do apply for the disposal of the following larger items. Fees can be paid by cash only.

  • CRT Monitors ($10)
  • CRT TVs ($20)