The Assessing Department maintains property assessments for the equitable distribution of property tax burden, as per the current Michigan General Property Tax Laws. The Assessor compiles the annual assessment role on which taxes will be levied, maintains property descriptions and maps for taxing purposes, provides the Township Treasurer with taxable value on all properties within the township, which are used to produce the annual tax bills, processes personal property statements and conducts field audits of both existing properties and new construction.

20% Parcel Review In Progress

To comply with the State Tax Commission requirements, Assessing staff are conducting their 20% parcel review. Staff may be in your neighborhood to measure the outside of buildings and take exterior photos. Staff will not need to, nor will ask, to come into your home. Certain properties on the streets (PDF) will be reviewed - you will receive a postcard if your property is being reviewed.


Any new home construction, commercial building construction, industrial property, agricultural property, business personal property, or remodeled homes/businesses within the Township is appraised by the Assessing Department.

Land Divisions

If you have questions about land divisions or whether your property meets the qualifications for a land division, the Assessing Department can assist you and guide you through the process.

Manage Property Records

The Assessing Department keeps records of all sales, Principle Residence Exemptions, property characteristics, and name/address changes.

Annual Assessments

All annual assessments, as prescribed and regulated by State Law, are conducted by the Assessing Department. If you have questions about your assessment, the staff of the Assessing Department are always available to meet with you.