Building Permit Fee Schedule

Effective January 1st, 2023, the fees for Building Permits in the Charter Township of Texas will be based on the most current Building Valuation Data published by the International Code Council, which is updated every February and August. 

This adjustment will allow the Building Department to ensure fees are consistent with other entities and alleviate instances of multi-year adjustments. 

Moving forward, the permit fees for residential and commercial projects will be based on the same fee chart, with a few minor exceptions noted below.

The building valuation for a project is a calculation done by the Building Official who multiplies total square footage times the average cost of construction per square foot for a given building’s construction classification. Once a building value is calculated, it is then applied to our current fee schedule to determine the actual permit fee charged. 

We are currently using “Bureau of Construction Codes Permit and Inspection Fee Schedule dated April 1, 2013”. We will continue to use the 2013 scale, with a few modifications for miscellaneous residential activities noted below.

Texas Township – Residential Activity Fee Schedule (Miscellaneous Items)

  1. Exceptions to Residential Permit Fee calculation based on Permit & Inspection Fee Schedule (2013 BCC) using current ICC valuation chart are as follows:
    1. Pool - $200.00
    2. Pool Bond - $300.00
    3. Roof - $100.00
    4. DECKS
      1. Deck up to 200 sq ft- $150.00
      2. Deck over 200 sq ft– Calculate @ current valuation times Permit and Inspection Fee Schedule (2013 BCC)
      1. Radon Inspection – under concrete floor - $50.00
      2. Additional inspections, per trip - $100.00
    6. Permit Renewal Fee - $100.00
    7. Residential Demo Permit - $100.00
    8. Certificate of Occupancy – New construction or remodel - $50.00
    9. Residential and Commercial remodel and Residential Basement finish - 50% reduction in permit fee for both
    10. MODULAR & MOBILE HOME BASE FEE, first 1,000 sq ft
      1. Homes with pillars or slab - $150.00
      2. Homes with basement or crawl space - $200.00
      3. Over 1,000 sq ft - $.20/sq ft
      4. Basement, crawl space, attached garage, decks, 3-Season Room - $.10/sq ft
      1. Valuation Chart
      2. Affidavit Fee – structure not to be used for commercial uses or residential dwelling units for sleeping - $30.00

Plan Review Fees

The building plan review fee is non-refundable.

  1. Plan Review Fees shall be required for any residential or accessory to residential structure in the amount of 
    1. Up to 2,500 sq ft- $50.00
    2. Over 2,500 sq ft - $100.00
  2. Commercial Plan Review Fees shall be 25% of the calculated Building Permit Fee.