Prior to becoming Treasurer in November 2016, Trish Roberts served as a Texas Township Trustee from 2012 to 2016. Trish graduated from Western Michigan University in 1980 obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Accounting. In June 2019 Treasurer Roberts earned her MiCPT or Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer designation.  In February 2016, Treasurer Roberts earned her Master Citizen Planner Certification. She has been a township resident for over 40 years with almost all of that time as a resident on Crooked Lake. Prior to joining the Township, Treasurer Roberts worked as a business and residential manager, accounting clerk, and legal assistant for several area businesses.

Treasurer Roberts serves on the following committees:

  • Planning Commission (Board Liaison)
  • Feasibility Project Team

Tax Payments

The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of all property taxes. Property taxes are collected twice a year: once in the winter, and once in the summer. View the current tax calendar and payment options. 

Where Do My Tax Dollars Go? (PDF)


The township has a comprehensive investment policy that focuses on investing public funds in a manner that will provide the highest investment return with maximum security. Review the Township's Investment Policy.


The Treasurer assists the Clerk with managing accounts payable, payroll, issuing checks, and more day-to-day financial management tasks.

Learn more about the Township Budget & Financial Reports.


The Treasurer also oversees addressing within the Township. If you need an address assigned, or to request a temporary address change, please contact the Treasurer.

Temporary Address Change

View the Temporary Address Change Form (PDF).

Sewer & Water

Sewer and water connection information, including lead location and fee structure, is available through the Treasurer's Department.

View information about Sewer & Water