Sewer & Water

Many residents within rural areas of the township are served by private well and septic service. However, most neighborhoods and areas of concentrated development are served by water and sanitary sewer systems. 

Texas Township’s water and sanitary sewer service is provided by the City of Kalamazoo. 

To transfer service for a dwelling that is already connected to the City water system, please apply online or complete a Transfer or Water Service Application and return it to the City of Kalamazoo Treasurer's Office.

City of Kalamazoo Transfer Service

Mandatory Sewer Connection

Deadline to Connect to Existing Public Sanitary System: April 1, 2023 Extended to October 1, 2023

On February 13, 2023, Resolution No. 23-01 was adopted by the Texas Charter Township Board of Trustees extending the mandatory connection deadline from April 1, 2023 until October 1, 2023. Letters were mailed out to unconnected existing improved parcels on February 16, 2023 with the new deadline.

Sewer Ordinance #328 was approved November 13, 2017 and Sewer Ordinance #363 was approved September 27, 2021 by the Texas Charter Township Board of Trustees following prior published notices and the convening of a published public hearing. Both ordinances set the date of mandatory connection to the existing public sanitary system to on or before April 1, 2023.

The ordinance applies to all existing improved parcels with sewer line available within 200’ of existing structure. The 200’ distance was recommended by the Township Engineer as this is the threshold suggested by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Michigan Legislature Section 12752 of the Public Health Code (MCL 333.1101) legislatively determines and declares the necessity of public sanitary sewer systems and that they are essential to the health, safety, and welfare of the people of the state. The legislation further states that failure or potential failure of septic tank disposal systems pose a threat to the public health, safety, and welfare of the people of this state as well as its surface and subsurface waters.

Sanitary Sewer System Connected Parcel Map (PDF)

Sewer Connection Fees - Residential

Sanitary Sewer System Connection Fees: 

  • Connection Fee: $1,800
  • Residential Parcel Charge: $8,600

The Township Board has approved a payment plan offering 15 installment payments billed on the Winter Tax Bill beginning in the year the payment plan is executed. 

Installation charge to connect from lead to home varies based on the linear feet to connect.

County of Kalamazoo Approved Installer List

Both the parcel charge of $8,600.00 and connection fee of $1,800.00 must be paid in full, or a payment plan executed between the township and owner in order for the owners’ private installer to be able to apply for a permit with the township Building Department. Any excavation company can apply for the sewer connection permit; however, any work done inside the structure does need to be completed by a licensed plumber.

The installation charge to connect from lead to home varies based on the linear feet to connect.

Splits and Sewer Assessments: If you split property that is adjacent to a sewer line, all parcels existing (if not previously assessed) and newly created parcels will be assessed a parcel charge of $8,600.00. Prior to the split, owners will have the option of signing a payment plan and having the assessment applied to their winter tax bill. You may also opt to pay the assessment in full prior to final approval of the split. All funds generated by these connection charges are restricted for future repair, maintenance, and replacement costs of the Texas Charter Township sewer system.

Sewer Connection Fees - Commercial

All commercial properties pay the same parcel charge as all other parcels in the township, currently assessed at $8,600.00.

Commercial sewer fees are based on the type of use and volume of use.

Commercial businesses pay benefit fees based on occupational use. The Township has established and adopted a Residential Equivalent Unit (REU) for multiple types of commercial uses. One REU = $1,800.00 for sewer and $400.00 for water, which is the applicable rate for Single Family dwellings. A comprehensive list of Residential Equivalent Units (REUs) and an estimate of sewer and water fees is available by contacting the Township Treasurer.

Sewer Maintenance & Replacement Rate: 15%

Late in 2017, Texas Township was fortunate to receive a SAW (Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater) Grant. The SAW Grant program is designed to help communities develop an asset management program for stormwater and wastewater collection systems. One of the requirements by the State of Michigan was to institute a surcharge to provide adequate funds to properly maintain their infrastructure at a level recommended by the results of the study.

The Grant permitted the township to contract with engineering firm Prein & Newhof for the physical inspection and evaluation of our sewer system; Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors was contracted to advise and develop a long-term capital maintenance and repair plan based on the results of the system inspection. 

Currently, Texas Township owns and maintains the township sewer system. While most of the system is relatively newer, some areas of the system are reaching the need for major repairs. Another challenge is that 94.35% of the flow through the Portage lift station located on 12th St south of Q Avenue comes from Texas Township making us responsible for 94.35% of the costs to maintain and repair that lift station.  Over the next 3-5 years, several major repairs are planned to be made to that lift station. In 2018 we had to replace the main that runs under US-131 at a cost of around $1 million dollars which depleted a substantial portion of our sewer fund. The existing sewer fund is funded through connections to the sewer lines, but those are expected to slow in the next 5 years as buildable area becomes scarcer and connections decrease.

  • On January 13, 2020, the Township Board adopted Resolution 20-01 authorizing the levy of a surcharge on residents & businesses receiving sewer services in Texas Township which was a step required by the State of Michigan for those receiving SAW Grant funds.  Following the completion of the study and based on consultants’ recommendations, the fee established would generate revenue for the sewer fund and be restricted for its use.
  • At the Township Board Committee of the Whole held October 26, 2020, Baker Tilly and Prein & Newhof presented the results of the inspections, identified pipes and equipment that needed future repair or replacement and recommended a sewer surcharge beginning at 20% for all users of the system.
  • At the November 9, 2020 regular meeting of the Board an agenda item, “Implementation of Sewer Maintenance & Replacement Fee” was discussed and the Board asked Baker Tilly to reexamine the numbers with an initial fee of 15% with incremental increases to 20% over 5 years.
  • At the November 23, 2020 Board meeting, a 15% incremental surcharge was adopted, and to be initiated by the City of Kalamazoo beginning in 2021.

Prior to the adoption of this 2021 surcharge, Texas Township was the only township in the general area that was not charging a surcharge for their sewer system.  The surcharge helps avoid using general fund dollars for a system utilized by less than one-half of our properties.  The surcharge implemented will help to provide funding for what can be extremely costly sewer improvements and repairs.

Water Connection

  • Parcel Charge: $2,000
  • Connection Fee: $400

City of Kalamazoo: Water Service Installation Charge (contact the City of Kalamazoo for more information)

Approved Vendor(s) List (the city has a list of vendors they utilize)

The City of Kalamazoo provides water service to Texas Township. If your home is located within the 10 Year Wellhead Protection Limit district, it must be connected to the City’s water system. Otherwise, water connection is up to the resident.

Water Testing

The township offers free water testing kits. You can pick up a testing kit during normal business hours. Kits can be returned to Kalamazoo County Environmental Health.

Water Quality Issues

If you have concerns over your water or are noticing reduced clarity, please contact the City of Kalamazoo at (269) 337-8000.